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Tom's Story

Tom Roderick - Contemporary Artist

Tom Roderick's paintings are realistic and charming. Whether it's the Three Stooges on the beach with Marilyn Monroe, the "Dude" gracefully soaring above the earth or a Buddha raising his arms with glee, Tom's interpretations grab you and force you to smile! It's no wonder there is an almost cult-like Roderick following around the globe.

The Early Years
A multi-talented contemporary artist who lives and works in Boulder, Colorado, Tom is self-taught and began painting purely as a hobby. It all started when his daughter was a toddler and his wife Donna was attempting to create a cardboard box playhouse for her. Tom stepped in, started decorating the exterior and a sleeping artist awoke. From this moment forward his path to artistic discovery led him to many late night painting sessions which began evolving into a passionate pursuit of creativity. His emergence as a painter in acrylics, water color and oil media progressed to commissioned work for friends and family and then interior designers.

The Discovery
So how has Tom been discovered? If you step into the Roderick home studio you will be transformed. Jazz resonates loudly throughout every room and the walls are vibrantly covered in original "Roderick." Donna Roderick greets you at the door with a cup of tea and the warmth of a long lost friend. Donna and Tom seem to be joined at the hip. He paints and she shares his passion with the world. Donna's gift is in media marketing and she is committed to her cause. She is lively and witty as she comically proclaims: "Art is work. Selling it is an art!' The synchronicity of this innovative duo has catapulted Tom so much so that his work is now featured on numerous international art gallery sites and can be ordered as prints of any size, t-shirts, mobile phone covers, mugs and even stickers. The demand for his art is endless.
The Artist
As is the case of many extremely creative people, in addition to being a prolific painter, Tom is a talented musician. He is also extremely humble and in a rare conversation if you can get him to talk about himself he will tell you that "As in music, almost every individual has a unique interpretation of what they find appealing in a work of art. Whether it is an example of impressionism, contemporary realism, abstract or minimalism, art can and should be a personal experience." For more information about purchasing original artwork, or to inquire about commissioning a portrait, contact Donna Roderick.
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Occurs to Me

Sometimes the lights all shining on me,
other times I can barely see.
Lately its occurs to me
what a long strange trip it's been. -- Jerry Garcia

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New York City - NY

Thanks to the art collector from New York City, NY - greatly appreciated!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Goddess Tara

Tara is known to protect from fear and danger,
heal illness, increase longevity and increase prosperity.
She awaken our wisdom so that we can realize the true nature of reality.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Clarksville, TN

Thanks to the art collector from Clarksville, TN -- greatly appreciated!

North Jackson, OH

Thanks to the art collector from North Jackson, OH -- greatly appreciated!!